By Max Levy

Editor JoAnn Locktov invited thirty-six architects and architectural writers from around the world to comment on their favorite buildings in Venice. She gathered these appreciations into the book Dream of Venice Architecture, with an introduction by Richard Goy and photography by Riccardo De Cal. The book was published in 2016.

Punta della Dogana windvane For all its floating qualities, Venice is heavily laden with history, stone, and gravity. Though its marble monuments aspire artfully upwards, they are ultimately more preoccupied with down than up. One counterpoint to all this weight is the prominent windvane poised lightly atop the Punta Della Dogana. This figure of Fortune, presiding over the Bacino’s daily ballet of watercraft, pirouettes between architecture and flight. It has for centuries signaled the comings and goings of Adriatic weather that tints this city’s beguiling atmosphere. For some, perhaps, it pivots to the ebb and flow of dreams as well.

Dream of Venice Book